4429 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL, USA

We went in search of something different and unique to experience. Ginza was suggested to us and they made it sound most interesting. Ginza means unique. So, we hopped into our diner mobile and headed down the road to GinZa. They are located on US 41 and Colonial Blvd next to the El Dorado furniture store.

If you are not familiar with GinZa, they offer all you can eat Sushi and Hibachi as well as many other Japanese favorites. However, it is not a buffet. You order off of the All You Can Eat menu and they bring you your order to your table.  Lunch cost is $14.95, Dinner $23.95. The menu has way too many choices to list here but you can see it at Dinner Menu

What is unique is that you get the benefits of a buffet, but you do not have to go and get your food yourself. The food, in theory, is therefore warmer and fresher. You also have a server who takes your orders and reorders. Servers bring your food to you and clear away your empty plates.

When comparing the food at GinZa to buffet food, the quality is better overall.  However, it is not the same quality that one would find at a traditional Japanese restaurant. Some items are better than others. The octopus, my dining companions for the evening told me, was outstanding as were the muscles. Overall you can’t go wrong with any of their sushi rolls and we tried many of them.  The hibachi beef was very good and oh so flavorful. The tempura vegetables lacked flavor. The wasabi, you have to watch out for and only use a little bit as it packed a punch. I do not care for wasabi that does not pack a punch. The blue crab salad was not really crab, well it tasted crab like.

If you are not into an all you can eat experience, they do have a menu that you can order from. They have a huge selection and you can check it out here MENU 

Overall though if you like sushi, sashimi, or hibachi and want an all you can eat experience you can’t beat GinZa for the value, quality and price.

Overall rating: Average Plus

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