6301 South Pointe Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL, USA

Buckets has been in Fort Myers since 1988. It is a fixture and a mainstay for those who watch sports and even for those who don’t. Buckets came under new ownership in 2014. Fort Myers has done a lot growing in those years and many restaurants have come and gone. Sometimes though, when a restaurant has been around for a long time, we forget about it. Especially with all the new ones that open yearly. Someone reminded us and said we should go and check them out…so we did.

We had not personally been to Buckets in ages. It was just as I remembered it just not as dark. In fact, they still have the booth tables with business advertising on them that have been there at least 15 years. Part of its charm is the fact that it is just as it always has been, just freshened up a bit from what I was told.

The menu  has everything you would expect at a sports bar. There is one thing I love and that is a good Patty Melt ($9.99). You can’t find them everywhere so when I see one on the menu I must give it a try. My dining partner had a hamburger ($9.49). Fries are extra ($1).

The service is warm and friendly, and we noticed they seem to have regulars who frequent there often enough for the staff to know their names.

I have to say that my Patty Melt was one of the best I have ever had. It was moist and juicy and perfectly cooked. The shoestrings fries were also very good. My dining partner loved her burger as well. What is noticeable is that the food came to the table hot. That is not always the case as sometimes the food comes up and sits under the warming lights until the server delivers it and you can tell the difference.

With all the franchise sports bars that are always opening, it is important to remember those that are locally owned and have been in Fort Myers for decades. To remain open since 1988 you know they are doing something right.
Have you been to Buckets? If so, when was the last time?

Overall rating: Above Average

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