Maria’s Pizzeria & Restaurant Cape Coral

Maria's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Maria's Pizzeria & RestaurantCape Coral’s restaurant scene has gotten very competitive over the last several years. There are many options especially when it comes to Italian Restaurants. One that has been serving Cape Coral for 30 years is Maria’s Pizzeria & Restaurant. During that time, we had the opportunity to dine there once and that was more than 10 years ago. We thought a visit was long overdue.

We were greeted by a young man who took us to our seats and explained he was the owner’s son. He then explained the history of his family’s restaurant with great pride. He pointed out his family members on the menu who have dished named after them. Perhaps he will be the 3rd generation owner on the future.

Maria’s is quaint but does get a bit noisy. The service was really good up until the end of the meal. We have noticed this happens often but, in this case, it would not prevent a return visit. More about that later.

We opted to try the Lasagna ($16.95), the Manicotti ($15.95) and the Linguine with White Clam Sauce ($16.95) All came with a nice side salad and garlic rolls. We prefer a bit more butter/garlic with the rolls but other wise they were decent. The portions are large and the food we served hot. Even though they were busy, there was no long delays that sometimes occurs.

Maria's Pizzeria & RestaurantThe food was flavorful and well balanced. The sauce on the Lasagna/ Manicotti was well cooked and not overly sweet.  I am not a fan of sweet tomato sauce nor sauce that has not been cooked long enough to reduce the acidity. The clam sauce was a bit thicker than I am used to but wonderful none the less.

For dessert we shared a Tiramisu ($6.95) and from the size of it you can see why we opted to share one, it was huge. We then asked for coffee. This is when things started to go awry. Through no fault of theirs, there was no coffee available as the delivery did not arrive. Chalk it up to post covid supply issues. However, they did have decaf.  So, we opted for that. However, our server totally forgot it and by the time she remembered (we had to call her over), we were finished with our dessert. We were just a tad disappointed but nothing that serious. Covid has affected restaurants in so many different ways that it calls for us to be a bit more patient and understanding at times.

If you have not been to Maria’s Pizzeria & Restaurant you will want to be sure to give them a try when you are in south Cape Coral.

Overall rating: Gustoso 

Maria’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

1224 SE 46th Ln, Cape Coral, FL 33904