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Tucked back off Daniels Rd you will find the Artisan Eatery, which touts that they combine great food, casual dining, and quick service. Over the course of the last almost 2 years they have received much recognition for their food, so we though we would give them a try for lunch.

It is a cute, warm comfortable and small restaurant. The menu is limited but when using fresh and made from scratch items on your menu, it is the way to go. The menu is also very creative. You order at the counter, serve yourself fountain beverages, and they bring the food to you.

The staff is all friendly and they are prompt at removing our plated when we were finished. The food is brought to the table in a timely manner so no long waits which is awesome.

Artisan Eatery
8951 Daniels Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33912

My dining partner chose on of the specials for the day the Tuna Melt ($11) and I hose one of their craft sandwiches called Capone ( $12  provolone, Italian cured meats, basil aioli on  baguette served with arugula, red onion, heirloom  tomato, artisan “hoagie dressing”) As their sandwiches do not comes with a side, ok it does come with a pickle, we ordered salt and pepper fries ($4). About the pickle, my dining partner does not care of pickles, but this one she liked. It is not what you normally find in jars but reminded me of when a friend made their own pickles.


Artisan EateryThe order of fries is huge as 2-3 people can easily share it, so it is a good value at $4. Each sandwich has plenty of meat, tuna and the flavors were excellent.


Artisan EateryI thoroughly enjoyed my sandwich as did my dining partner. The quality of their products is undeniable. They both were excellent sandwiches but…$11 for a tuna melt that is open faced? $12 for an Italian sandwich that does not come with a side?  I am all about paying for quality and you may think I am being picky, but the beverages are in plastic to go cups which does not fit with the experience. I want to stress that the flavors and quality products makes for some wonderful sandwiches. I will leave it up to you decide if the value is there for you. I will certainly return to the Artisan Eatery to try breakfast or dinner.

Overall rating: Above Average

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