Geckos Grill

If you are from the Sarasota/Bradenton area, then I am sure you have heard of Geckos Grill. They have such a great story about the local owners Mike Gowan and Mike Quillen. They have been friends since 1970 and business partners since 1992. That is when the first Gecko’s opened. Now they employee over 600 locals. Ok yes, the story is on their website but what an example of what a locally owned business contributes to our local economy.

When we stopped in there, we were not aware of the story but had heard they had good food there and seeing we were in the area, we decided to give them a try. Over the last 10 years we have done hundreds of reviews and have eaten at many a sports bar. All sports bar food is not the same and Geckos certainly raises the bar.

If you have lived anywhere in SWFL then you know finding a restaurant that offers good food, good service and good value (the wining combination) is hard. Well at Geckos Grill you will hit the trifecta!

gecko grill
351 N Cattlemen Rd Sarasota, FL 34232

When we arrived the hostess was warm, friendly and even smiled. She took us into the bar area, but it was noisy as there was a basketball game on. So, we asked to be seated elsewhere and she took us into the dining room.  She was very pleasant and delightful.  Sometimes young hostesses are not so friendly, accommodating and can have an attitude. I am sure you have seen your fair share of them as we have.

Our server made our evening so much fun. She answered all our questions, always had a smile on her face and even chatted a bit with us. Her service was prompt and never intrusive or overbearing. Good service adds so much to one’s dining experience even in a sports bar.

Geckos Grill

We were in the mood for some burgers. Their burgers are 1/2 lb. ground Midwestern grain-fed USDA Choice Angus Chuck and is served on a Brioche onion bun. My dining partner chose the Classic burger minus the cheese ($9) and I opted for the Patty Melt ($11). I love a good Patty Melt and they are so hard to find. I have to say the burger/patty melt were spot on. My dining partner likes hers medium well and commented that it was not the least bit dry.  I like mine medium rare and it was perfect. Our side choices were sweet potato fries and Tater Tots®. The sweet potato fries are dusted in cinnamon sugar which makes them oh so delicious.

We just have one request. When are you coming to Lee County? Overall Geckos Grill provides good food at a good price with good service. You can’t go wrong with that!

Overall Rating: Superior

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