5781 Lee Blvd, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971, USA

Woody’s Bar-B-Q is back in Fort Myers. This time it is located on the Fort Myers – Lehigh Acres line in the Crossroads Shopping Center. Woody’s was originally in North Fort Myers and later in South Fort Myers as well. They closed in 2004 so many of our newer residents may not be familiar with this Bar-B-Q chain. The current Woody’s is locally owned, so we decided to give them a try.

Lehigh Acres needs a good sit-down restaurant. However, many Lehigh residents tend to think of this area of Lehigh as Fort Myers. So, it may not satisfy their need, but it is not that long of a drive if you are wanting some Bar-B-Q and sit-down service.

Let’s talk about the negatives that if not corrected will affect them in the long run. When we arrived, they were not particularly busy. The hostess/server did take a bit to come out and seat us. It is not a good idea to leave people waiting to be seated. When our meals were served, they mixed up the sides as to which sides went to which person. This is a kitchen issue. The last negative was our server presented the bill without asking if we wanted coffee and dessert. We did opt for the coffee which was really good. She made a fresh pot and actually waited for it to finishing brewing before serving us. As we have mentioned before some places will not do this. However, if you read our reviews you know about the one pet peeve, we mention a lot. When serving coffee and you also serve the sweetener and creams does it not stand to reason that a spoon is needed to stir the coffee? Ours was not served with one. Lastly, when our meals were served, they mixed up the sides as to which sides went to which person.

The food, however, was very good. The chicken and the ribs, the meat just fell off the bones. The white meat chicken was very tender and moist. The portions are a decent size. The combo of ¼ chicken and half rack ribs with garlic toast and 2 sides is $13.99 We opted for a variety of sides: Beans, okra and tomatoes, cole slaw, mac and cheese and a side salad. Overall, they have many options making it affordable for families.

Woody’s Bar-B-Q has real potential and we will certainly be going back despite the negatives. For those that live in Lehigh Acres, it is nice to have a sit-down restaurant that serves good bar-b-q without having to run into Fort Myers. If they correct the negatives, they will really be knocking it out of the park.

Overall rating Average

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