3713 Bahia Vista St, Sarasota, FL 34232, USA

The Pinecraft community is situated near the intersection of Bahia Vista Avenue and Beneva Road in Sarasota. It is a popular winter vacation spot for many North American Amish and Mennonites, particularly from Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. (Wikipedia) Within this community lies a wonderful restaurant Der Dutchman.  It is a casual Amish restaurant that has “scratch-made” breakfast, lunch or dinner, a buffet and pies and desserts. Not to mention their bakery and store.  It is the quaintest not so little place that is immensely popular.

Their most popular and notable menu item is their buffet. The food quality of most buffets is often subpar but not at Der Dutchman. Their buffet features broasted chicken, juicy roast beef, ham, fish, pork,ribs, and turkey, stuffing, real mashed potatoes, creamed corn, green beans, carrots, homemade noodles, salad bar and much more. The salad greens are fresh and crisp, the tomatoes and cucumbers all had flavor and taste. They also have the best potato salad. Everything was fresh and kept warm. They keep replenishing the items frequently. The buffet area is clean and is kept that way.

We just had to try a little bit of everything, and they use good quality food items. Homemade mashed potatoes and stuffing were excellent but the yams, oh my, the yams were absolutely over the top delicious! For $14.99 it is a great value. The quality of the food makes this we worth it.

The service, they certainly are trained to put the customer first. If you are walking anywhere and a server or any of the other workers are nearby, they stop and let you go first. Even in the buffet line, if a worker was getting ready to replenish the food, they waited and let us go first.

We also noted, despite how large the restaurant is and how many people were there, it was quiet. You could hold an actual conversation and not have to deal with surrounding noise. There were plenty of families there but no screaming little ones. It was a very pleasant experience.

If you find yourself in Sarasota, then you will want to give Der Dutchman a try. It is a superior buffet!

Overall rating Excellent

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