12401 Commerce Lakes Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913, USA

Finding a restaurant east of I-75 is a daunting task. There just not that many options for those who live in those areas. In Gateway there are a few options one being the Saucy Meatball. So, we thought we would stop by and give them a try.

The Saucy Meatball has indoor seating in the bar, outdoor seating and offers take-out. The décor of the bar is clean and modern. When dining in the bar, look at the ceiling as they have a very nice and unique light effect. The indoor dining space is small but there is plenty of outdoor dining space.

Our server was very attentive, friendly and professional. She added to the overall pleasant experience you have dining there.

We started with martini’s ($8) a Limoncello and an Expresso with chocolate added. Both were wonderful. The Limoncello martini was light and refreshing. The Expresso is perfect as an after-dinner dessert type martini.

Their menu follows the current trend of having a small menu then have daily or weekly specials. We opted to share the Walnut Encrusted Brie ($9) which was served with 3 crostini topped with wild berry compote. It was delicious, and the flavors blended so well with each other. We ordered the Pasta Bolognese ($13.90) which was enough for 2 people with leftovers as well. The portion was large. The sauce was dark and rich but could of used a bit more spices. It was good, I just like my sauce with a bit more garlic etc in it. So it is just a matter of taste. One can tell though that they do know what they are doing as well as they should as the family has been in the restaurant business for many years.

We did not have dessert, but the weekly special was bread pudding with ice cream ($6). We did have coffee though and it was excellent. Sometimes restaurant coffee is way too strong as it may have sat in pot too long but that was not the case here.

So, it you find yourself east of I-75 and are looking for a restaurant to have a nice dinner, give the Saucy Meatball a try.

Overall rating: Above Average

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