6911 Daniels Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33912, USA

The Mellow Mushroom Fort Myers opened in August and has been getting mixed reviews. So, we thought we would check it out and see what the buzz is all about.

Mellow Mushroom Fort Myers is in Daniels Marketplace, where the new Whole Foods is, on the corner Daniels Rd and 6 Mile Cypress.  The decor is very eclectic, modern, colorful. It has a cool vibe to it that makes it a place you want to hang out in.

We were there off-peak times so we had no wait at all. We were promptly seated, and our waitress soon arrived to take our drink orders. Robbi was her name and she was very warm and friendly. She returned with our beverages and explained the menu to us. She told us it would be a 20-minute wait if we wanted pizzas. This is different. Never had a restaurant tell you how long it would be to get your meal once it is ordered.  This is where people who dine there struggle with as once they order they are told it is an 60 minute or 90 minute wait for their food. I think management needs to work on that issue. Nobody wants to wait 60 minutes to be seated and then another 60 minutes for their food. However, we luckily did not have that issue.

We had the bruschetta for starters and it was really very good. A nice blend of flavors and even though they use fetta cheese it was good. Sometimes bruschetta can get soggy if not made right. For pizza’s we tried a specialty pizza called the Holy Shiitake Medium $19.99 (Olive oil and garlic base, shiitake, button and portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and MontAmoré®. Finished with a garlic aioli swirl and a spritz of black truffle oil. Garnished with fresh chives and shaved Parmesan.) We also had a medium pepperoni and bacon pizza ($16.76) The bacon is applewood smoked bacon.

The Holy Shiitake pizza was extremely good. You could taste the flavor of each and every type of mushroom on it. It even looks like a work of art as the presentation is wonderful. The flavors complement each other well. The pepperoni/bacon however was unremarkable. In fact, you are better off sticking to the specialty pizzas and if you want a more traditional pizza then go to your favorite pizzeria. The way they top the pizza’s could use some work so that everything especially the Parmesan cheese is evenly distributed.

We opted not to try dessert except one of my dining partners wanted the Pink Lemonade pop $3.49 (Water, organic cane sugar, lemon juice, strawberries, lemon zest.) She stated it was very good. No meal is complete without coffee. This is where we had our one and only issue for the night. As it was close to closing time, I was informed that all the coffee pots had already been cleaned and the maker turned off. I guess they were in a hurry to close up maybe? This should never be done prior to closing and certainly never when there are still people in the restaurant. We were not the only ones still there. Our server, sensing our displeasure, returned and said her manager said we could indeed have coffee if we wanted some. However, it was rather strong as they poured it prior to the pot completely brewing. When that is done, the coffee is much stronger at first. I am sure it was done so we would not have to wait too long for it.

Mellow Mushroom Fort Myers has some things they do well and other things not so much. I certainly would not go when it is packed but would opt for off peak times. If you want authentic Italian, this is not the place for you. If you are looking a unique vibe, trendy food with good quality products then this is the place for you.

Overall rating Average plus.

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