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The first Melting Pot opened in 1975  and the one here in Fort Myers opened 31 years ago in 1988.  To be successful for so long, they must be doing something right.

The Melting Pot is more like a Fondue Experience rather than a restaurant. It is all about the experience when you dine there. That is why it is perfect for special occasions. If you have ever been there, it is a 4-course fondue dinner that starts with your choice of cheese fondue, followed by your choice of salad, then your choice of entre and then…dessert which is a choice of chocolate options. You do not have to get the 4-course but it is the best way to experience dining there.

On the night of our experience we opted for the 4-course experience. As there were several of us we got to choose from 2 cheeses. We opted for the Wisconsin Cheddar – Aged Cheddar, Emmenthaler, Sam Adams Boston Lager®, Garlic, Spices and the Spinach Artichoke – Butterkäse, Fontina, Parmesan, Spinach, Artichoke Hearts and Garlic.  Our preference was, while both were good, the Spinach Artichoke was excellent and had the best flavor.

melting pot fort myersFor the 4 course entree option I chose the Classic ($47.99): Garlic Pepper Sirloin, Shrimp, Memphis-Style Dry Rub Pork, Teriyaki-Marinated Sirloin, Herb-Crusted Chicken Breast. You also get to choose a cooking style and I picked the Coq Au Vin: Burgundy Wine, Mushrooms, Scallions, Garlic. My other dining partners chose the Steak Lovers ($44.99) Premium Filet Mignon, Teriyaki-Marinated Sirloin, Garlic Pepper Sirloin.  Our other guests did the Create Your Own – 3 Items ($43.99.) The other cooking style picked was the MOJO Caribbean-Inspired, Garlic, Cilantro, Citrus.  They also serve a bowl of veggies that you also get to cook.

When is comes to their ingredients, they use quality products. The meats and shrimps were excellent. We did favor the Coq Au Vin cooking style. At first you think that the portion size is small, 3 of this, 4 of that. However, it is more that ample and we all struggled to finish our entrees.  They recommend that each piece is cooked for 2 minutes.

melting pot fort myers
S’mores and White Chocolate Fondue

There is really nothing better than sharing the cooking experience with friends and enjoying the conversations. That is what makes this so special. Well, that and the chocolate.  Deciding on which dessert to have was not easy. We picked the S’mores: milk chocolate swirled with marshmallow crème, flambéed, and topped with graham cracker and the White Chocolate. The options for dipping are fruits, brownies, marshmallows to name a few. This part of the 4 course is just decadent.

All through the experience our server explained what he has adding to the pots, how to best cook everything and other things one would need to know. They have it down to a science. You do not have to do the 4-course experience. You can see their complete menu and all your options on the website – MENU

Fondue was popular back in the 80’s and the Melting Pot is keeping it alive. If you have never had the fondue experience, you will definitely want to add it to your list of things to try. You will not be disappointed. It is easy to see why the Melting Pot has succeeded for so long in fort Myers. During season you may want to make reservations. For large groups, you will need reservations.

Overall rating: Top Notch Experience

Melting Pot – 13251 McGregor Blvd
Fort Myers, Florida 33919

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