Falafelicious South West Florida

Falafelicious South West Florida

Food Trucks and Food Truck events are very popular these days. Local microbreweries will often host such events as well as other community events. Some food trucks can be found at local businesses to serve their employees. These trucks serve a variety of foods. We recently went to one such event. While this was a small event inside a gated community, we found 2 such trucks (tents) to be different from what one thinks of as a typical food truck  Falafelicious South West Florida and Vesuvius Wood Fired Cooking.




Falafelicious South West FloridaThe first one is called Falafelicious South West Florida. They offer a Middle Eastern Falafel platter  of authentic Falafel, Hummus, Middle Eastern Salad and pita bread. Do you know what a falafel is? Well neither did we. So, a falafel is a deep-fried ball of ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both with herbs, spices, and onion added. Their hummus is also homemade. If you like hummus you will love theirs. Their salad is made tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and spices. We found it to be bursting with flavors and refreshing as well. We are not fans of chickpeas themselves, but we found the falafels to be delicious and flavorful. The hummus was smooth and tasty especially on the pita bread. If you love middle eastern food then you will want to follow them and give them a try next time they are at an event. Falafelicious on Facebook 



Vesuvius Wood Fired Cooking tent included a wood fired oven. Yes, they cooked the pizzas to order in this oven. They had 9 options for their small personal pizzas for 1-2 people. We opted for the Margherita. The dough is very light, and the crust is thin. This is great because you do not get that stuffed bloated feeling after eating several slices. They used all fresh products and was very traditional. If you like pizza then you will want to give theirs a try. Vesuvius Wood Fired Cooking of Facebook 

These are just two of the many food trucks you will find around SWFL. We will be trying others so if there is one you would like us to try, even if it is your own, let us know and we will give them a try.

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