3651 Evans Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33901

Sasse’s Restaurant first opened in the 1990’s and has been consistently providing a great dining experience ever since. It has changed hands several times the latest being in 2012 and yet they have retained their reputation for great food and service. So, we thought we would check it out and see what Sasse’s is all about.

We went at lunch time and were warmly greeted and taken to a table by the windows. Our server was friendly and helpful as well. We had a difficult time choosing our lunch because everything looked so wonderful. After our beverages arrived, we both settled on the Baked Cheese Rigatoni with Shrimp – creamy Alfredo Sauce with Garlic and Pinot Grigio, Chef’s Cheese blend $14.50. Our server asked if we wanted bread while we waited, and we agreed to this. However, the bread never arrived. Our server realizing her error brought the bread over and apologized for forgetting and said the bread was on them. On them? There is an upcharge for the bread? This was not mentioned, nor is it on the menu nor is it on the online menu. So, the question remains, do the charge for the bread or not? The bread is focaccia and came with olive oil for dipping. The bread did lack flavor though but was good for “fare la scarpetta”.

Our entrées were outstanding. You could smell the wine and butter and garlic the minute our server set the plate down. The flavors were perfectly balanced making this a most tasty dish. It is definitely 5 stars.

After our meal we wanted some coffee/cappuccino. We had to ask our server for this. She never asked if I wanted cream, so it was severed black and had to wait for the cream to arrive. A spoon for stirring was not provided either. A restaurant with this high caliber food should have service to match. The food does more than make up for the lax service and I would go back again.

Overall rating: Above Average

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