Mina’s BistroMina’s Bistro opened in 2013 but is one of those locally owned places you do not hear much about. Chance are you pass it all time while driving on Colonial and did not even notice it was there. That was the case with us. Until several months ago we had not heard of them until a friend mentioned it. So we figured we were long over due to try this hidden gem.

Mina’s offers a nice selection of Italian and Latin dining options. They also have pizza which was not available on the evening we went. They are open for lunch and dinner. They are located in the Colonial Shopping Center along with the Family Thrift Center, Achieva Credit Union and El Gaucho Inca restaurant.

It has a warm atmosphere and seats about 48 people. The evening we were there they were not busy at first but later on business picked up. The service at first was spot on. We were warmly greeted and seated. Service was timely and they checked back to see if everything was to our liking. However, after the meal was over that is when service slipped. That is also when they were busier and there was only 2 people working. We had to ask for coffee and we were not asked if we wanted dessert.

It often debated which is more important the food or the service. While both are equally important if one or the other is outstanding, it is easier to overlook a snag or two. Their service started out great and we could tell they just got busy for the number of staff present. So, this would certainly not prevent us from returning because their food was really excellent.

We started with some wine a house Pinot Grigio ($6.50) and the Maschio Prosseco Brut ($10) along with their Bruschetta ($7.05). The bruschetta was delightful with the right amount of garlic and fresh basil. It was a perfect way to start a meal.

For our meal we chose the Alfredo with Chicken ($20.74) served over Penne Pasta and the Mar e Monte ($20.12) Shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and spinach tossed in a garlic white wine sauce served over Capellini pasta. The Alfredo sauce was light and not overly heavy as it can be sometimes. It was fresh made. The chicken was grilled and served on top which is unusual but was seasoned well. Overall just a wonderful dish.

The Mar e Monte had 5 large shrimp that were perfect, and the garlic white wine sauce was perfection. Capellini is delicate so this sauce was perfect to use with this type of pasta. The mushrooms and spinach were a tad over sauteed but wonderful none the less. Both dishes were cooked to order and were served hot.

Overall Mina’s Bistro is a wonderful neighborhood restaurant that is just a delightful experience. We look forward to many more wonderful meals there and will be trying their pizza’s.

Overall Rating: Que Rico!

Mina’s Bistro Italian & Latin Cuisine

4391 Colonial Blvd #104

Fort Myers, FL 33966



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