KeKe's Cape Coral
Cheese Steak Omelet

We are sure you belong to several foodie groups on Facebook. We do too and we notice that people are looking for a good place to go for breakfast or lunch. So, we heard about KeKe’s Cape Coral and thought we would brave the bridge and give them a try.

My first thoughts when we walked it was that it had the same feel and look as the other well-known breakfast/lunch restaurant however that is where the similarity ended. We were greeted warmly by the hosts and our server came to take our drink orders promptly. Our server was attentive and friendly. She was a bit over the top in the perky department but that is better than having a server who is not warm and friendly.

Even though we were there at lunch time, we ordered breakfast items. My companion had a Western Omelet – Ham, onion, green pepper and cheddar cheese ($10.49) and I had the Cheese Steak Omelet – Steak, green pepper, onion and white American cheese ($11.49). I was asked if I wanted mushrooms added to which I said yes. The omelets are served with Home Fries and choice of toast. We both were asked if we wanted to add peppers, onions, cheese to the home fries.  We both declined.

KeKe's Cape Coral
Western Omelet

Both omelets were excellent. They serve a nice sized portion so you will not leave hungry. The use good quality ingredients so they were very flavorful. The potatoes were excellent and not too greasy. So, despite it being on the pricey side, the value is there. Check out their full MENU

Here is the catch though, remember the mushrooms they added to my omelet? There was a .50 up-charge. Not that big of a deal but I was not told that there would be an up-charge. The same was true for added items to the home fries, they also were an up-charge for each of them. So just be aware that if they ask you about adding additional items, there will be an up-charge for them. Better yet, be sure to ask what they up-charge is.

KeKe’s Cape Coral -1847 NE Pine Island Rd Cape Coral – is really a good place to go for breakfast, good food, good service and good value. They do have plans to open two in the Fort Myers area. So, if you do not want to brave the bridge, you will be able to give them a try soon.

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Overall rating: Yummy!

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