Edison’s Lab


Edison’s Lab is in the Holiday Inn Downtown Area. This restaurant has been so many different ones over the years, the most recent being Entrees Caribbean Grill, and none of them have ever really been successful for any length of time. So, when Edison’s Lab opened and advertised a Sunday Brunch we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give them a try.

When we arrived, there were only diners at 2 other tables, so the restaurant was empty. We were told to sit wherever we wanted, and our server took our drink orders.  Our server was very upbeat. Friendly and pleasant and the server in the food room was friendly and answered all my questions.

The Buffet is in another room. We were rather puzzled by this as the dining room is large and empty and there is certainly plenty of room to set it up there. It would certainly make the dining room feel less empty.

If you ever wonder if atmosphere plays a roll in the overall dining experience, it certainly does and unfortunately lacks in this area. It is the empty feel that is affecting what the overall atmosphere. The décor is nice, and the bar is awesome looking.

The Buffet is rather large and has a good variety although compared to what was on the menu a few things were missing. Most items we tried ranged from good to very good but there were other that were average. Some of our favorites were the prime rib, chicken tenders, chicken marsala, omelet, and the potatoes.  However, the desserts were average and below average. Mainly the doughnuts were the issue as they were hard on the outside, too hard to really eat them. The display of the desserts was not appealing either.

So, the question remains, is the value there? Brunch is $19.95 and included our coffees. Yes, the value is there but with all the other dining options, the reason to return is not there. If they just kicked it up a notch and warmed the atmosphere, they will pack the place.

Overall rating: Hit and Miss

Edison’s Lab

Edison’s Lab Restaurant and Bar

2431 S Cleveland Ave Fort Myers



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