Dependable Small Business Marketing Tips

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email Marketing TipsWith a slower economy and limited capital for most small businesses, you can’t waste money on a marketing campaign that doesn’t work. You need to use time-tested methods that have proven reliable again and again. With that in mind, here are some dependable marketing tips that can help you weather the storm until it passes.

Old but Effective Marketing Tips

An email marketing campaign sounds like something straight out of the 1990s, and you would be right. Email has remained one of the most effective ways to keep customers coming back to your website. Customers trust your emails because they signed up to receive them, which makes it very different from spam. Send customers discounts they can use on your site, rewards, or inform them of a sale. It cost very little to set up a mailing list, and the return on investment is always hefty. You also know that your emails are reaching core customers because they signed up for them. Email remains a consistent and effective way to reach your customers.


One of the most overlooked aspects of SEO is your business website. You can drive all the traffic you want to your site, but if its quality is average or below average, you won’t convert visitors into customers. You want to be sure that your website uses a host that does not have any downtime and won’t slow your site down. Your customers won’t come back if they think you are out of business.

Use vivid colors in your website’s color scheme that fits with your branding and will be pleasing to a visitor’s eyes. Write engaging content that will enthrall a potential customer and want to keep them coming back for more. A well-written blog is always an excellent tool for bringing customers back to your site. Use hero images that evoke an emotion that you want a customer to feel. Hero images are very useful but don’t use a file so big it slows down your load times.

Use clear and powerful calls to action. Make sure that you use more than one call to action on your site.  Having multiple calls to action increases the chances your customer will convert.

Small Business Marketing TipsDon’t Slow Down

Make sure that your website’s speed is consistently high. Slow loading sites are toxic to converting visitors into customers. If you don’t know if your site’s speed is fast enough, there are multiple online tools to help you determine if it is too slow. Higher speeds also help your website’s standing with Google and Bing, who have crawlers that detect website speeds. Make sure your site host is able to support higher speeds before deciding on which one to use.


You probably have had the values of search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) espoused to you time and time again. What you probably don’t know is that using SEO in conjunction with PPC is a highly effective way to drive traffic to your website. PPC tools can also help you choose the best keywords for your SEO campaign. PPC can also enhance your SEO because customers clicking through to your website shows as an increase in traffic with Google and Bing, which in turn will increase your return page rankings.

Trust in These Methods

So even in tough times like the 2008 financial crisis, these marketing tips proved to be resistant to a slow economy, and they should be just as resistant today.

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