Turning Your Business Customers Into Repeat Customers

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Increasing Revenue With Trust-Building With Your Business Customers

Social media has revolutionized the way we do business – We can all agree on that!  Without a doubt, it has helped boost brand awareness and increased reach by opening up geographical boundaries. It is also an excellent way to generate leads and increase the business’s bottom line. Any modern business should therefore have a solid social media presence. If you have already achieved this with your business, then you likely have a decent following. But is increasing the number of followers all there is to have a social media presence? Well, surely, we would all like to have progressively more and more customers, but the truth is that you don’t really need all that many. In fact, just a bunch of loyal, repeat customers is all you need to keep your business going and growing!  And so, how do you turn your existing business customers into repeat customers? You turn your business customers into repeat customers by building trust.

Let us give you some tips!

Make It Irresistible.

One common thing amongst customers is that they enjoy free stuff.

One way to make your business so tempting that your followers simply cannot resist is to make use of discounts, promo codes, or giveaways.

This is a clever way to get followers to engage with your business. And since people are creatures of habit, they are more likely to continue buying products from you as they wait for the next opportunity for a discount or promo code.

So as a start – Look into ways of creating an irresistible, tempting offer that is just too good to just pass by!

Make Customers Feel Valued!

One of the best ways to increase conversions and prompt your followers to continue engaging with your business and buying your products is to make them feel important and special.

You can do this by replying to comments on social media platforms, answering questions, and even offering help and guidance in the form of blogs.

You can make followers feel special by offering excellent customer service. You can also announce a fan of the week on social media and explain why your business chose them and the benefits that they get for being a loyal customer.

One simple strategy to utilize this is to make use of instant gifts & coupons!

Provide Proof

Customers and followers need to know that they are committing their money to products or a business that is legit.

One of the ways to offer proof is through customer testimonials, so whatever business you are in, encourage customers to leave feedback.

When new customers and followers see that others have used your product without hesitation, they are more likely to develop trust in your brand and commit to buying your products.

Solidify Your Content Strategy!

Social media followers are continuously being bombarded with information.

Therefore, it is crucial that whatever content or information you provide your followers with, stands out from the rest.

This is how you get noticed, and this will get the customers thinking about your brand and business.

Invest in quality by putting in the time and effort to ensure that you don’t provide generic content.

You may also want to consider hiring the services of a professional artist or video editor to ensure that you provide nothing but the very best.

Tell A Story!

Every business has a story, and most of us have heard at least one.

People love stories, so consider telling the brand story on how it all began, even if its not as impressive as the story of Amazon, Tesla or whatever!

You may also want to tell your customers why you do what you do. Customers will be better able to identify with your business and are therefore more willing to engage and purchase products.

Also, take the followers behind the scenes on how you run things in your company.

This will also help them identify more with your business.

It creates a feeling of openness and will thus build brand trust.

Because of this trust, customers will be more willing to engage with the business, more than just once!

Take-Home Message

In order to keep business customers coming back, you need to focus on their needs and be proactive about making it easy for them.

You want your business customer’s experience with your company to be a good one that they’ll remember favorably in the future.

Focus on the customer experience, the value proposition, the pitch, the offer, and the customer service – This will make your existing customers come back for more!


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