The Benefits of Promotional Products in Branding.

promotional products

Branding is not a twenty-first-century concept; it’s been here for as long as businesses have advertised, but today, it is more relevant than ever before. With a plethora of competitors on the internet, it is essential that a company’s logo is immediately recognizable and brings about a positive reaction in the customer. If you are not aggressively growing your brand, then you are likely to fall behind your competition. There are multiple ways to build your brand’s recognition; one of the most effective methods is through the use of promotional products. Let’s look at a few of the ways this method of developing brand recognition can benefit your company.

Promotional Products Create Brand Memory

A recent study done by the Promotional Products Association showed that 94% of consumers who receive promotional products remember who gave them a promotional product. As with branding, promotional products have been in use quite some time due to their simplicity and effectiveness. George Washington was the first known person to use promotional products in the USA when commemorative buttons were distributed to spectators at his Inauguration. Since then, there have been countless numbers of different types of promotional products to strengthen brand recognition. From bags to hats, to bumper stickers and keychains. There are thousands of different promotional items you can utilize. Giveaways to create brand recognition has demonstrated repeatedly to be an invaluable way to build your brand. The cause for the popularity of promotional products is plain; everyone enjoys getting something for free; particularly if the free item is useful. Another jaw-dropping fact was discovered in the aforementioned study; 500 % more referrals are taken through the use of promotional products. When a customer is happy with both your company and the promotional item you gave them, they will probably recommend your business to their friends or family. This point is crucial to remember when beginning a search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertisement (PPC) campaign. Quality items such as phone chargers or flash-drives bearing your company’s logo are likely to be used frequently, and your brand will be instantly recognizable to an owner of a charger or drive. The price you would pay for a promotional item like a phone charger, or a stress ball, would be relatively the same as you would pay for a PPC ad; possibly less.  If used in combination with SEO and PPC, promotional products can further build brand recognition that will cause a positive emotional response from those who recognize your company’s logo.

Promotional Products Don’t Break the Bank

When compared to broadcast ads, print ads, and ads on billboards, promotional products are reasonably priced. While you may influence a wide number of people through an advertisement and get a certain amount of success, the price per view of the ad can range anywhere from fifty to five hundred dollars per person depending on how the customers view the ads. The drawback to ads is that they may only be seen only once by a limited number of people. By comparison to advertisements, a promotional item will be seen time and again by the owner of the item and those around them.

Free Stuff Creates Customer Loyalty

No matter how a customer obtains your promotional product: as a “gift” included with a purchase, from a table at a trade show, or a community event, customers will come back to a company that gives them a quality promotional product for free.  It is clear from centuries of effectiveness that if you seek to build brand loyalty with customers, promotional products are a must.

Promotional products play an important role in branding of your business. Be sure to them in your marketing budget.  It is one of the most cost effective ways to brand your business.

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