Starting Over When You Are Homeless

homelessHomeless is a bad place to be. Getting there is a steep fall. Loss of a job and a place to live go hand in hand with loss of dignity and hope.
Once that happens, the odds are against getting back up and starting over without a lot of support. Family and friends cannot offer unending help, and shelters are a rude awakening. For single women without children even a temporary shelter is too much to ask. Lee County has exactly none. Thousands of women leave their homes or lose their homes every year. Homelessness is harsh truth – we know it, but we look away.  Angel Wings House is committed to seeing the problem and offering a solution.

A Soft Place to Land
Angel Wings House began in 2017 with the goal of becoming that shelter. A place where women get their feet under them, find a job, and put money aside towards the goal of moving into a place of their own.

Re-establishing an independent life for a homeless woman comes at a cost. Angel Wings relies on grants, donations, fundraising, volunteer hours and specialized services.
The steep fall is a reality, but Angel Wings gently lifts these women back up, creating a confident path to a home and a job that restores financial stability. We nurture the physical and emotional well-being of our residents.

A Long Journey Begins with a Single Step
Most of us have seen a homeless woman. Our tendency is to look away, perhaps cross the street or walk a little faster. How often do we wonder how they got there or what we can do to help? One way is to support their journey back to independence with a contribution to Angel Wings House.
Angel Wings provides a safe space for women in need of emergency housing. Our mission is to transition each one to independent living, with the skills and financial means to sustain themselves.

The Board of Directors and our team of volunteers help residents work towards this independence with training and mentoring in the following areas:
• Money management, budgeting, consumer education, use of credit
• Interpersonal skill-building
• Educational advancement
• Job attainment skills
• Mental and physical health care
• Individual and/or group counseling and parent/child counseling

The Finish Line
Destroying the stereotypes and defeating homelessness for good requires an investment of time, money and resources. Donations, fundraising, community volunteers and mentors support Angel Wings House. The monthly cost of running the house exceeds $2,000.
Our goal is to help women restore their sense of dignity and purpose. Help us help them by contributing.

To learn more about our efforts and to donate visit Angel Wings of SW Florida




Author:  Susanne Skinner – Board Member Angel Wings of SW Florida