Social Media Tips & Things You Should Be Doing For Successful Marketing 

Successful MarketingSocial media should be an important part of your successful marketing strategy, but just because you are using social media doesn’t mean you are getting the most out of it. Let’s look at some things you should be doing with your social media and some social media marketing tips should certainly add to your list if you want to enjoy success.

#1 Have a plan for your social media channel – Many companies find it overwhelming to have to create content for their social media channel. Worse, some companies create one type of content and then send it out across their social media platforms. You need to be creating a plan for a social media channel. A successful marketing plan needs to include choosing a channel (i.e. Facebook), the goal (i.e. sales goal), who you are targeting, the structure, type of content (i.e. video), your tone (i.e. funny), the desired action (what behavior do you want from the user) and your channel integration.

#2 Consistently deliver content – One of the quickest way to grow the number of followers you have is to be consistent. Put the proper system in place to make sure you are always providing relevant posts that are valuable and interesting to your audience. Don’t overwhelm your followers by providing the same types of posts repeatedly, instead manage your categories and make sure you are not repeating posts.

#3 Strategically implement hashtags – One way to help to increase your social media success is to avoid random hashtags and instead use a strong hashtag that will tie your campaign pieces together. Use a hashtag that’s both easy to remember and easy to spell. Make sure it’s not already being used by someone else. Once you have your hashtag created you should follow the conversation and then join it.

#4 Try Pinterest and see if it works for your brand – Pinterest is a popular social media channel, especially among women. You do not necessarily have to have something visual to show to be successful with Pinterest. Play with it, experiment, see if it can be helpful in branding your product.

#5 Facebook Ads That Have Dark Posts
We are told over and over again how important it is to have a presence on social media that the concept of dark Facebook posts seems contradictory. However, some of the top brands have learned how to enjoy success by publishing a post that does not appear on the newsfeed of their fans until they convert it into an advertisement. This is an excellent way to run two tests before you go widespread with a public post. Testing an ad with a dark post can help you to get more out of your Facebook ad budget.

#6 Influence the Friends of Your Twitter Followers
If you offer a great deal or discount your followers are going to share it with their friends. This is a great way to expand your reach. To help drive the sharing factor you can offer something free or discounted to the friend of the follower. For example, Starbucks offers friends of followers a 2 for 1 deal. This encourages sharing.

#7 Join Conversations that are Relevant
It can be hard for a brand to take a stand on a particular issue without the worry of alienating some of their customers. By sharing public conversations that you feel are relevant you give your customer the option of reading/watching without directly engaging the subject. This has less risk for you and your business. Do reply to conversations relevant to your business that won’t make your customer feel alienated or uncomfortable.

#8 Keep it Brief
Did you know that the perfect Facebook update length is less than 40 characters even though you can use 63,000. Many of the largest companies follow this rule of thumb and enjoy great success, so perhaps now is a good time to take note. A good post will have minimal characters but be highly effective and engaging. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your ‘sweet spot.’

#9 Launch New Products Using Social Media
If you have something you want to promote or a new product your social media audience is your best option. Your followers are likely to share your post on Facebook and across other social medias.

Successful Marketing

We all want to see results from our social media efforts and marketing. There are many options as to what could work or does work but it varies from market to market and audience to audience. Try new things from time to time and set goals. If you see results keep doing it, if not try something else, Audiences can get content fatigue so you always have to keep things fresh.  Successful marketing is a long term process and it takes time to see the results.

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