Promotional Items for Cars There are many different choices when it comes to promotional items for cars. You can use them for yourself to help promote your business, give them to customers, offer them to contractors and employees, and even sell them as an additional income stream, depending on what type of business you have.

Types of Promotional Items for Cars

* License Plate Frames – These are plastic containers that fit around the license plate and give a printable surrounding for the plate in which to put promotional words, logos, sayings, and more.

* Flags – You’ve seen sports lovers put their flags out to support their favorite team. Well, you can do the same for your business. Use them to celebrate a high sale, anniversary, or other job well done.

* Static Window Clings – These can be made in different sizes. Probably one of the most popular that you’ve seen to compare it to is the cling family and pets. You can put a static cling on windows with your business’s tag line and phone number or web address.

* Magnetic Car Signs – These can be in all sizes to cover even the entire door to help market your business. They stick to the car and can come off when you want them to.

* Sun Blocking Shades – These go on the front window during parking to keep the sun out and the car a little cooler. They’re an excellent way to use your parked car as an advertisement for your business.

* Mud Flaps – All trucks need mud flaps, so why not use that space to advertise your business?

* Ice Scrapers – If you live in an area with ice, you can get branded ice scrapers and other tools and even gauges to keep in the car. Each use will remind them of your business.

* Emergency Kits – Maybe a kit branded with your business logo on an emergency kit is something you would like. This will work great for a business that wants to make people feel taken care of.

* Key Chains – This is a great gift to give out at trade shows, because most of the people likely drove there or have keys. They will think of you every time they use their key now.

* Bumper Stickers – If you have a catchy tag line, or quotes, or other sayings that differentiate your business from others, a bumper sticker might be a good choice.

* Organizers – Every car needs an organizer to keep it clean and so that you can find important things. Having a branded organizer makes it even more fun to use.

* Visors – You’d be surprised what can be put in a visor, CD/DVD cases, calendars, and even a sponge. They can be branded with your business information and put to use by your customers.

* Parking Permits – If your employees need parking permits for any reason, you should brand them so that they serve a dual purpose when on duty and off duty.

Along with these types of promotional items for cars, you can add in air fresheners, log books, trailer hitches, and kickstand pads. You can even include travel items such as napkins, coasters, pocket folders, cups, bottles, bags and totes to put in the car when going on a road trip. These types of promotional items are very popular.

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