HomelessnessIn Lee County, resources to help homeless women without children are underfunded and under-served.  There are no government shelters for this demographic and that’s why Angel Wings House was founded. Women without dependent children are a neglected demographic.  If you’re a woman facing homelessness, most of the assistance available to you falls into two categories:  shelters for mothers with children, or shelters with homeless men.  Shelters and services that are unique to women without children are few and far between.  In Lee Country, there were none until a group of determined women founded Angel Wings House two years ago.



HomelessnessA Home and a Shelter

The idea behind Angel Wings is to shelter women in a home.  Bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and laundry bring dignity to a difficult situation.  Here, they are offered the opportunity to get back on their feet.  A stay at Angel Wings is normally six months.  During this time residents receive the assistance needed to re-establish themselves in the community and transition to living independently.

The program provides tools to help women obtain identification, assess their skills, find employment, and take care of needed medical and health concerns and feel safe.

Angel Wings has an amazing house manager who provides oversight and guidance. She also has a financial planning background, helping to educate and assist residents with banking and budgeting.

Once residents find employment their goal is to save money and demonstrate employment consistency.  This allows them to qualify for low income housing and the opportunity to live independently.

HomelessnessHomelessness – A Hard Problem to Overcome

Homelessness is a hard problem to overcome, and it’s harder to do it on your own.

No one deserves to be homeless.  The vast majority are in the situation because they had no other choice.  Homeless happens when there is an abusive relationship, the loss of a spouse or partner, job loss or insurmountable medical issues.

Angel Wings offers transitional housing and a safe place to live for women while overcoming these obstacles.  Working with the Lee County Homeless Coalition, Angel Wings residents have access to a variety of programs and support.   Services include application for available assistance programs, job placement and training, and counseling.

How to Help

We welcome your involvement in helping us help these women.

Contributions of food, especially meat, paper products, feminine and personal hygiene products are always appreciated.

Transportation volunteers, bus passes and gas cards for volunteer drivers make a substantial difference in our ability to help women get to and from jobs.

Gently used furniture and household items are needed when women set up their own homes.  When they are able to leave Angel Wings House, they need just about everything for a fresh start.



Susanne Skinner – Board Member Angel Wings SWFL

No woman should be homeless.  Every woman deserves a second chance.

If you’d like to volunteer you reach out by emailing angelwingsswfl@gmail.com or calling 239-898-0945 or 239-541-1841.

Angel Wings is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation.  All contributions are tax deductible


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