Four Direct Mail Best Practices.

direct mail

direct mail

Why Direct Mail?

If your business is involved with direct marketing, then you know that direct mail is still a feasible choice for your marketing campaigns; but you are unsure how to use it. Among crowded email inboxes and a constellation of online advertising, direct mail rises above the crowd. A direct mail ad shows itself to the customer physically and won’t get swallowed up by spam filters. The mailer can be held in the customer’s hands and makes it likely that it will be read and possibly stored. The mailing recipient also has a feeling that the mailing is personalized. Using customer names and personal touches gives them a feeling that your company cares. Direct mailings can target precise demographics to market a product or communicate a message. Using devices such as catalogues, brochure, and postcards make it easier to reach your customers. Direct mailing is also cost-effective; you can be sure that for the investment made customers will at least glance at the mailing in their hands. Thanks to bulk rates, mass mailings are affordable and profitable. Here are a few suggestions about direct mail that will help you reach your target demographic.

Direct Mail for Your Overall Marketing Campaign

The attention a direct mailing will draw to your product or service makes, including it in your overall strategy makes sense.  While emails and text ads required as part of your marketing campaign, it is a mistake to exclude mailings.  Being persistent with mailing is the key to being successful. Be sure to record what mailings receive the most positive responses so you can adjust your campaign, respectively.

Personalize Mailings

People indeed enjoy hearing their names; Dale Carnegie wrote about it in 1936 and it still relevant.  The more personalization you can add to your content, the better it will hold the customer’s interest. It shows that your company knows who its customers are, it informs them that your company cares. Personalization gives you an opportunity to micro-target and reaches a specific demographic. The benefits that personal mailings provide are worth the effort to create content for individual customers.

Data-Rich Mailing

Studies have shown the spent reading a mailer is likely to be longer than the time spent reading social media posts or emails. Since you will have captured your customer’s attention with the mailer,  it is the ideal opportunity to communicate more about your goods or services. Be sure that your mailer has eye-pleasing graphics that will hold the customer’s attention and clear, easy to read fonts. Testimonials are a great way to convince a potential customer that they should use you instead of a competitor. Ask a reliable customer if they could provide a brief quote about how your product has benefited them. By including information on how your product or service could make their life easier, you are building your brand and creating customer loyalty.

Stay Up to Date

Reusing the same mailing from years ago will not bring the results you want in your campaign. Your customers move due to employment changes or pass away, be sure your database is up to date and accurate. Reliable data is important to know your target demographic’s wants and needs. You should also ensure that mailings reach customers who require your services. If your company sells snowshoes, a mailing campaign to Florida will not make much sense. Knowing the geographical areas that have the most annual snowfall would allow you to reach the right customers. Having up to date data will inform you what age, income, and interests potential customers have and how to market to them.

To Sum Up

Mailing may seem as if its day has come and gone, but there is a reason that companies, political campaigns and physicians continue to use mailers; they work.

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