By Larry Witzleben LMT MA14390

coronavirusWhen things are moving too fast and spinning out of control, is when we need most to stop. To come to a halt, catch our breath, and get a better perspective. When we feel trapped by circumstances, we need to stop in the midst of it all, give ourselves a time-out, and catch our breath. Before the coronavirus came on the scene, we were already careening toward disaster. Our technology — our addiction to it is calling us like lemmings to the edge of the cliff. We live in fight-or-flight mode already, and coronavirus only exacerbates that.

We’re a driven, check-the-box culture. We take walks in order to get our steps in! And our phones are with us every moment. We are the Attention Economy, jerked from one moment to the next by what wants our attention. It’s all urgent, even when it’s not. And it rarely really is.

Six feet apart in our meetings? Okay. But heck, we need to widen back in our lives generally anyway. Our lives are compressed; we need space. Physical space, psychological space. Room to breathe free. Social distancing?Okay. But without the self-talkand group-talk of fear .”Can’t be too careful, can’t get too close, must avoid.”The talk and behavior of being so watchful can itself be stressful, can border on abrupt and mean, and, actually, over short time,can be harmful to our health. Seriously a bad  Catch-22.

Hoarding … scarcity … “will run out.” Fear, Stress. There is a difference between doing all we can reasonably do, and being curmudgeonly and paralyzed by events. Some things just need their time to play out. This just happens to be a big one. This is when we need each other.

We check Facebook constantly for updates of how bad it is. How stressful is that? Are we really thinking things are going to change, except maybe for the worse? Are we truly better served by new details? We engage increasingly with the  crisis with our postings,and so drive the very Facebook algorithm that keeps the crisis in our face.

coronavirusSo what do we do during and after the coronavirus?

✔️  Keep a sense of humor, and assume the best of others. Be quicker to give benefit of doubt. Be a little more forgiving. Bumping into people is not life-threatening. Let our elbow-bumps celebrate our connection!

✔️ Get away from the close-up reading on your computers and devices. Go outside, go for a walk. Get sunshine and fresh air, and unplug from the day. Leave your phone home, enjoy the restfulness of your arms swinging freely, the restfulness of looking up at the sky, the trees.

✔️Unplug from the news, unplug from Facebook! What needs to get your attention, will.

✔️ Rediscover engaged friendliness. Be willing to meet another’s eyes with a smile and kind word.

✔️Listen to sappy music that makes your feet happy. Linger over good conversation.

✔️ Watch a Hallmark movie. With your family or with a friend. Eat popcorn.

✔️ Sit on the balcony or lanai … in the sun.  With your coffee. With a friend.

✔️ Be thankful for cheerful people — be willing to be one of them yourself — who truly feel safe and happy to be outdoors and out in the world. In these heightened times, we can trust them. Most of us are healthy and have common sense. Aging and ugly decline are not as synonymous anymore. More and more “old” people are vital.

There is one more thing. Be more generous with manners these days. It’ll make everything smoother for us all. Extend every courtesy you can. Say thank you for every courtesy shown you.

Then after coronavirus is no more, keep doing all this! Become the calm in the midst of it all just now. Let it be your start to calm as a way of life!

A Whole-Body Reset™ gives you that: Unplugs you from your day, from your world, from your own head. It is a hands-on, targeted treatment of Polarity Therapy.  Brings your whole nervous system, your whole body, all of you, to stillness.

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