When engaging in content marketing, one of the steps is to choose the platforms you’ll use to publish and promote your content so that you can reach your content marketing goals. Which platforms you should utilize will depend on the goal of the piece of content, where your customer is in their buying journey, where the customer likes to get their information and hang out, and other factors.  For most business owners, there are  three essential platforms that you need to be aware of using in your content marketing efforts. You’ll want to use all three, without exception: your website, your autoresponder, and your social media platforms. But there are also a lot of choices when it comes to each of these.

Your Website / Blog

Every single business owner, regardless of whether they are online or offline, needs to have a website with a blog. In fact, today, blogs are totally interchangeable with websites and should be thought of as the same. The term “blog” should be thought of as where you will place the informative and educational articles needed to bring awareness about your products and services to your ideal audience.

The content you put here will be designed to bring awareness to the problems and solutions that you are promoting for your ideal audience. It should be focused on informative, valuable, and educational content that helps the audience become aware of their problems and the solutions that you offer.

three essential platformsYour Email Autoresponder

Content that you use in your email autoresponder, or even in one-time blasts to your list, is also an important aspect of effective content marketing. The platform you choose depends on your budget and the features that you need for the type of business you have. Always read the fine print because some platforms don’t allow you to do affiliate marketing, and some do.

This content is designed to inform and educate list members further on the information they desire, based on how and why they signed up to be on your list. For example, if you had inserted an in-content PDF file on your blog post about eating family dinner that required an email address to download, then you’d want to start marketing your products and services designed to solve their problem even more.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and so forth are great for promoting your content. You’ll want to choose at least the top three that you know for sure your audience uses. It’s always a good idea to set up a presence on any up and coming platform, but if you place your focus on just the top three, at least until you get a grasp on your process, it’ll be a lot easier.

The type of content you put on social media will be designed to promote the content on your site and landing pages so that you can drive traffic and convert buyers. You can also use content that is designed to help new buyers use their products or services more effectively and create delighted customers that become brand ambassadors.

Using these three essential platforms to publish and distribute the content you develop and create for your audience is an important part of effective content marketing that you shouldn’t skip out on – no matter what other people say. Email marketing is not dead, and neither is social media marketing or blogging. All are effective forms of content marketing that you need to utilize to succeed.

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