Business Workshop

Saturday January 13 and Saturday January 20

10 am – 2 pm

Registration 9:30 am 

8359 Beacon Blvd Fort Myers, Fl.

$199 includes workbook

Coffee/Danish/Networking/Door Prizes/Caesar Salad and Charcuterie 

Limited spots available

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Do you have a brilliant business idea that’s bursting to get out? Are you ready to launch into the exciting world of entrepreneurship but feeling a little lost in the planning phase? Then look no further! This 2-day workshop is your ticket to crafting a business plan that will take your vision from dream to reality.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Sharpen Your Focus: Define your business goals and objectives with crystal clarity. Understand your “why” and set measurable milestones to track your progress.
  • Know Your Audience: Delve into the heart of your target market. Understand their needs, desires, and pain points to craft a product or service that truly resonates.
  • Outsmart the Competition: Analyze the competitive landscape and identify opportunities to stand out. Develop a unique selling proposition that makes your business the obvious choice.
  • Master the Money: Unravel the financial mysteries of your business. Learn to create financial projections, manage cash flow, and make informed financial decisions.
  • Unlock Investment Potential: Craft a compelling pitch that will attract investors and lenders. Learn the language of finance and present your business with confidence.

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs with a fresh idea
  • Existing business owners seeking to refine their strategy
  • Anyone who wants to take control of their business future

More than just information, this workshop is about transformation. You’ll leave with a comprehensive business plan, a roadmap to success, and the confidence to turn your dreams into a thriving reality.

Don’t let your business be a guessing game. Invest in yourself and invest in your future. Sign up for this 2-day workshop and start building a business that will not only survive, but thrive in today’s competitive market.

Limited seats available! Register now to secure your spot.

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