Branding your business

Branding your businessBranding your business or yourself: Why you should

It’s simple. Imagine if all the sportswear brands were all the same, or all the vehicles in the world were budget makes. It would make for a frustrating world, and companies would close down because the consumers cannot differentiate which brand suits their needs!

The success of a company or product in the modern era is determined by the brand. With a brand, the company has a unique identity, and the brand also makes advertising the company and its products much easier.

The brand also gives a company a look of professionalism, stability, and direction to the employees. For example, the Toyota brand is best known for producing solid, reliable everyday cars for the masses. BMW produces powerful, sporty, and luxurious automobiles for the higher income earners to own.

Now, because this blog covers branding in the context of your online business, we will not focus on brick-and-mortar business brandings, but branding on a smaller scale, with the product or the business owner as the brand.

Guess What Is The Best Brand?

Today we live in an Internet era of Individuality. With more and more user-friendly and interactive platforms, it is extremely easy to connect with anybody and everybody. It is extremely easy to set up social profiles, blogs and websites. Anyone can do so and everyone is doing so! So with that in mind, how do you know which websites  are worth visiting? Which websites are worth book-marking and sharing with others? Which emails are worth subscribing to? The answer to all this is Personal Branding.

In the cyber world of the Internet, if you play the branding game correctly, your name will be attached all over the World Wide Web for a particular voice and quality that you represent. With the Internet we are  talking about reaching an enormous audience of millions!  And what’s more remarkable about branding yourself through the Internet is that it is not only extremely powerful, but also you don’t need to pay huge bucks for it!

The Internet today gives you many channels, which allow you to brand yourself with a very low budget. Take control of your perceived values. Connect with similar minds on a large scale and influence their impressions through your well-respected credibility. You can finally focus your energy on what you enjoy doing most and finally you may even change your chosen market for all you know! People will distinguish you as an expert in your field. You are the top 5% and you teach what 95% of the people don’t know. You dominate that niche and people immediately recognize and respect you for the ideas you speak about.

In our next blog, we will cover the ‘Superstar’ mentality and how it will actually help you build the branding of your  business.

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