Benefits of Using Promotional Apparel For Your Business

Promotional ApparelDepending on what type of business you have, you can use promotional apparel to help promote your business. Don’t think you have to be stuck with just t-shirts either; you can create all kinds of promotional apparel.

* Promote Cohesiveness – If you have a team, giving them matching, branded clothing to wear will make them feel even more part of the team. It helps create a more professional feeling, and makes everyone recognizable right away.

* Stand Out in a Crowd – If you and your team go to conferences, having matching clothing with the business logo on it will be helpful to promote your brand. Other people will recognize your logo right away and remember you all a lot easier when there are usually so many others at trade shows.

* Determine If the Item Fits – What are you trying to accomplish? Determine before purchasing whether the items are for employees, contractors, other vendors who do business with you, or customers. The option you choose will be different for each.

* Set a Budget – Apparel can be expensive, but the price goes down per item with high quantity orders. Setting a budget per item is important to ensure that you aren’t spending too much. Knowing the lifetime value of a customer or whether an employee will stick around is important when considering price.

* Determining Sizes – If you’re giving them away as gifts, you can order a large variety of sizes. If you’re getting them for employees or team members, let them choose their own sizes.

* Create an Awesome Design – Don’t just slap a logo anywhere on a piece of clothing. Instead, talk to a graphic designer about what to design. You can even have a contest with your customers, employees or other audience members to help make a design that people will love.

* What Are You Promoting? – It’s important to know what you’re promoting before the design process. Do you want to promote your website; do you want your logo in on it, a funny quote or something else?

* Prizes at Events – T-shirts, hats, scarves, aprons, even belts and robes can be given out at events as a prize for participating in something. If you have a table at a trade show, offering numerous types of apparel will make your table stand out.

* Offer Several Choices – Whether for employees, customers, or as prize, it’s important to offer different choices. Everyone likes different types of material, colors, and placement of logos. If you want people to wear the item, make sure it’s something they like.

* As a Sign of Accomplishment – Has your business reached a milestone that you want to celebrate? If so, you can create a commemorative item of clothing such as a t-shirt or even a business jacket emblazoned with the memory of the event.

* Check Fabric Quality – Before making a large order of anything from a new vendor, always check out whether you like the fabric or not. The fabric choice will vary greatly among different vendors.

Using promotional apparel is a great way to get your brand recognized, bring a team together, and help everyone come together in a new way.

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