Krispy Kreme Fort Myers

4904 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907, USA

You can’t live in Lee County without knowing that Krispy Kreme has arrived in Fort Myers. From a marketing perspective what has occurred is truly remarkable. They opened on Tuesday October 16 and since then they have had lines wrapped around the building to get their doughnuts. They had to have police direct traffic as well. This line lasted for days. Since they opened they have sold over 1 million doughnuts.

This craze reminded me of Beanie Babies where each baby was a prized fine. These doughnuts, because they were hard to get unless you wanted to wait for hours, were being treated as a rare gem.
So, what is it about these doughnuts that has our city turned upside down. I had to try one… well it was several. No, I did not wait in line for them, but some generous friends shared theirs. I will not wait more than 20 minutes to get into a restaurant let alone 2 hours plus to get doughnuts. This was my first experience having a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

I have to say that they are tasty but is taste enough to have this phenomenon occur? Is it because you can get them fresh? Is it because they are made on site? Is it because they were popular in your home city and they are now finally here? I think it is all the above. The perfect doughnut storm so to speak.

I can’t help but wonder why the locally owned doughnut shops like Bennett’s or Nuts 4 Donuts do not experience this same phenomenon. Nuts 4 Donuts ran a special on the opening day of Krispy Kreme buy 1 dozen get 1 half price. Smart marketing if you ask me. Had I known that, I would gone and tried theirs. Bennett’s the next day thanked their customers for showing support and if you posted a love post through that Friday, they gave you a free doughnut and a cup of coffee. They had 214 comments and 74 shares. That type of social media marketing is priceless!

A new player in the world of doughnuts is Divine Doughnuts 9131 College Parkway, Suite 145. They have 326 followers, not bad for a doughnut shop that just opened. They are family owned business and will have a large selection of doughnuts as well as breakfast items and specialty coffees. Note: They will be opening on Nov. 22 and time will tell if they too will have long lines.

It is good to see a new business thrive and do well. We just do not want to forget to also support the locally owned shops as well. Like all crazes it will die down to some level of normalcy. The lines will fade, and one will be able to get these doughnuts without waiting hours for them. There is enough room in Fort Myers for all the choices one has for doughnuts.

So, share with us your favorite place to get doughnuts.